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Ultimate Frisbee Tournament in North Myrtle Beach

Source: Michael Walter Source: Michael Walter
Source: Michael Walter Source: Michael Walter
Source: Michael Walter Source: Michael Walter

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – More than 220 teams representing colleges from 25 states are participating in the High Tide College Spring Break Ultimate Frisbee Tournament at the North Myrtle Beach Sports Complex. The event takes place March 1 through 27, 2015.

High Tide is the largest college spring break ultimate Frisbee tournament in the world, and has moved to North Myrtle Beach after many years in Georgia. Four weekly tournaments will be held Monday through Thursday throughout March, to be able to accommodate all college spring break periods.

"We haven't run the numbers for this yet," says Matt Gibbons, the Superintendent of Recreation & Sports Tourism. "Each of these teams stays four to five nights. Here during a slower time of the year for us in North Myrtle Beach. So we expect the impact to be a couple million dollars to our community."

Ultimate Frisbee is a limited contact team field sport that's played using a Frisbee. “Not that it's as big as other sports, but its rate of growth is huge,” Event Coordinator Ed Pulkinen said. “Anybody can play. You need some grass, you need some cones, and you need a Frisbee and you can play Ultimate.” Points are scored by passing the Frisbee to a teammate in the opponent's end zone. Players must maintain a pivot foot and can't take steps when holding the Frisbee. Interceptions and incomplete passes lead to turnovers. “You can think of this sport kind of like basketball played on a football-size field,” Pulkinen said. “Lots of running. Matter of fact it was rated the number one cardiovascular field sport over lacrosse and soccer.”

Each Friday the tournament hopes to hold free clinics for any children that want to learn the sport.

For more information, contact Superintendent of Recreation & Sports Tourism Matt Gibbons at (843)280-5574 or email at jmgibbons@nmb.us 

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