County to re-pave Carolina Forest Boulevard in spring

County to re-pave Carolina Forest Boulevard in spring

CAROLINA FOREST, SC (WMBF) - While Carolina Forest continues to grow, the road going right through it is trying to keep up. Carolina Forest Boulevard has seen a lot of work the past year, and that work isn't stopping now.

First Horry County added turn lanes along the boulevard, now it's re-paving the road.

"If you're gonna do a project, just get it done," said David Carpenter, the owner of Fat Cat Café, located right off Carolina Forest Boulevard.

Every 12 to 15 years the county looks to repave different roads, and this year it's Carolina Forest Boulevard's turn.

This project could have been done earlier, but Horry County chose to wait. That's because construction crews were already in the middle of adding turn lanes near the library and several subdivisions.

Now the re-paving is finally happening, but not until May or June.

"I think with any project like that you're going to inconvenience locals, the best way to do that is all at once," added Carpenter.

Carpenter says he and other locals are ecstatic the project is actually happening. The problem is, they wish Horry County wouldn't stretch out projects so long.

The Horry County spokesperson says that's because the projects are all completely separate, and the county is doing everything it can to make the changes painless for drivers.

"That project will be done at nighttime, due to all the traffic that there is on Carolina Forest Boulevard, and it'll be done in sections so there'll be flagging operations on certain parts of the road throughout those couple of weeks," explained Horry County spokesperson Lisa Bourcier.

The county is still ironing out details like the start date, but everything else should be ready to go. Flaggers and signs will be ready to make sure drivers have as few problems as possible.

The county says this project will cost about $850,000 and should take about four to five weeks, if the weather cooperates.

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