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Decent weather is a homerun for Myrtle Beach ballpark

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) -  You could call this week something of an emergency for the numerous college baseball teams in town playing ball at the Ripken Experience.

Just days ago, these players were not exactly sure where they could take the field, let alone actually play a game.

Chris Finwood's Old Dominion University baseball team is Rutgers but not at home.  The two teams are squaring off in Myrtle Beach after spending all of Wednesday searching for a place to play.

We've had seven, now eight games in a row that we've had to reschedule, move, cancel, just due to the snow that's hitting the east coast, added Coach Finwood.

Old Dominion is not the only school forced to move away from home.  The number one ranked Virginia Cavaliers took the field this afternoon.

While it is an inconvenience for the team, it is an added bonus for Paul Bowersox who gets to see his grandsons play on back to back weekends.

Another grandson is coming in to play next week and it just so happens that they had to move their games from Charlottesville to here so we get to see him too, added Bowersox.

The Ripken experience can handle Division one baseball games and soon there may be more college tournaments in our area.

The City of Myrtle Beach wants to add new baseball fields to the Grand Park at Market Common.  At the moment, it cannot officially host college games because it does not have fields that are the right size.

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