Flood Warning issued for Black Creek at Quinby

Flood Warning issued for Black Creek at Quinby

Below is a news release from the Florence County Emergency Management Division:

FLORENCE COUNTY, S.C. (PRESS RELEASE) -- The National Weather Service in Wilmington N.C. has issued a Flood Warning for the Black Creek at Quinby from this evening, Feb. 26, to Monday evening, March 2.

At 9 a.m. Thursday the stage was 8.7 feet. Flood stage is 10.0 feet. The forecast shows minor flooding and a rise above flood stage by late this evening. The stage will continue to rise to near 11.4 feet by early Saturday morning. The river is expected to fall below flood stage by Monday morning.

At 11.5 feet floodwaters are expected to spill over into yards of all residences on Creekside Drive.

Residence and those who live near Black Creek are encouraged to pay close attention to water levels and future forecast.

FCEMD offers these flood tips to those in affected areas:

· Remember to prepare your home for possible flooding by moving essential items to an upper floor, bring in outdoor furniture, disconnect electrical appliances and be prepared to turn off the gas, electricity and water.

· Do not walk through moving water. Six inches of moving water can make you fall. If you have to walk in water, walk where the water is not moving. Use a stick to check the firmness of the ground in front of you.

· Do not drive into flooded areas. If floodwaters rise around your car, abandon the car and move to higher ground if you can do so safely. You and the vehicle could be quickly swept away.