Organizations look at winter weather price tag

Organizations look at winter weather price tag

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - The ice has mostly thawed from Tuesday's wintry mix and organizations around Horry County are thankful for the minimal damage and clean up.

"It definitely wasn't a widespread issue like we had last year for sure. Completely different storm," said Lisa Bourcier, spokesperson for Horry County.

The 2014 ice storm ran Horry County more than $1 million. Tuesday's storm didn't cost the county anything because sand and materials from last year were still leftover to treat any roads that needed it. Debris clean up after the fact was minimal.

"Unfortunately, Aynor overpass was shut down for about an hour yesterday because it iced over. We were able to treat that road as well," Bourcier said. "So a lot of our work was actually done during the daytime yesterday with materials that we already had in place from last year."

North Myrtle Beach reported $1,000 in overtime for public safety and about $2,200 spent on road salt for public works. Conway and Myrtle Beach didn't report any additional expenses from the storm.

Horry Electric Cooperative also noticed a major difference in price for this February's ice storm. About 200 customers had some kind of power outage this week from the weather. 28,000 customers were in the dark around this same time last year.

"Nothing more than a small little thunderstorm or something," said Reed Cooper, manager of engineering for Horry Electric Cooperative. "Very, very controlled."

The electric company does do right-of-way maintenance consistently to minimize any possible storm damage.

All kinds of cold weather can cost customers more money because when power demand is highest in the morning, so are electricity rates.

"If they can eliminate things like washing dishes or drying clothes, things like that during those morning cold, cold hours, it helps us, which ultimately helps them save money," Cooper said.

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