City officials prepare for upcoming events, including Carolina Country Festival

City officials prepare for upcoming events, including Carolina Country Festival

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF)- Myrtle Beach city officials say the upcoming Carolina Country Music Festival could cost them more than $57,000, but that's not all they are planning for. Starting this month, city officials say weekends will be filled with different, and sometimes back-to-back, events, festivals, and parades.

City employees say starting with the police department, countless hours go into planning for these events.

However, they say with The Carolina Country Music Festival is bringing in an estimated $5.3 million, it's well worth it, especially because of the millions of people Myrtle Beach attracts.

"So if you're inviting millions of people, it would be nice to have things for millions of people to do," City Spokesperson Mark Kruea explained.

Wednesday, the city's Special Events Technical Review Committee is looking to approve more than thirty events from March through October.

"So as we get more events, we are constantly planning to make sure they are safe," Myrtle Beach Police Lieutenant Joey Crosby said.

Kruea explained before the events make it to the city level, event planners and promoters must pass through the police department.

"We look at things such as site survey, where we are going to put specific things, such as the sky watch tower, where we will put entrance gates, where we will put EMS, and fire, how will people get in and get out, where officers be positioned at to make sure everyone is safe," Crosby added.

According to city records, there were 60 special events in 2014 compared to 49 in 2013.

Mark Kruea expects the numbers will continue to rise in 2015.

"An overlapping event is not completely out of the question and it's something we will have to deal with," Kruea said. Right now, the two major events that seem to be overlapping are The Carolina Country Festival and Coastal Uncorked.

"That's sort of the first one that is trying to occupy similar spaces, at the same time," Kruea added.

Kruea says the promoters for each event are communicating to make things work as smoothly as possible.

Lt. Crosby just wants everyone to be well informed so police can come up with the best security plan possible.

"Our expectations are very simple: be safe, have fun, but obey our laws with any event that we have," Crosby said.

Lt. Crosby says with some of their major concerns being traffic and crowd control, they will be using social media to help keep both locals and visitors informed of when and where events are taking place.

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