Utility crews work around the clock to restore power for over 9,000 after deep freeze

Utility crews work around the clock to restore power for over 9,000 after deep freeze

ROBESON COUNTY. NC (WMBF) - Families in one neighborhood lost power Tuesday morning, and after call after call to the electric company, they were happy to see crews arrive Thursday.

Mary Jones says she lost power early Tuesday morning.

"Ever since the ice started freezing over, it has been rough. No water, there's barely gas, it's been rough," Jones explained. 

Mary Jones and her neighbors were struggling to keep warm for more than sixty hours. 

"I got so much covers on my bed, I can't turn over," Jones said. She called her electric company numerous times before they showed up to her door Thursday afternoon, she said.

"Oh boy was I, when I opened my door, yes ma'am I was glad," Jones said. 

Lumbee River Membership Cooperative representative, Deidra Locklear, says the slow response time was due to the massive number of outages.

"A major area that was affected by this was Robeson County, and that's because it's more of a rural area, you have a lot of homes that are on country lines so it's hard for trucks to get to these areas, so a lot of work has to be done on foot," Locklear explained. 

Locklear says ice storms are really hard for any utility crews to fight because they never know what they will be up against until it hits.

"Some things you just run into problems that you can't help," she added. 

At Mary Jones' home, she was preparing for the worst.

"Limbs were falling every which way, it was terrible, it sounded like limbs were going to fall on the house," Jones said. 

Locklear says it's been a rough couple of days for crews.

"They are having to climb the poles, they are getting in water areas, water booths, so they are facing a lot of issues that are just hard for them right now," Locklear explained. 

Jones and her neighbors were thankful for a gas heater and extra layers.

Locklear says the crews plan to have everyone's power restored before Friday morning. 

"They are not resting until everyone is restored," Locklear said.

Lumbee River Electric Membership Cooperative says they've worked around the clock to restore power and even brought in crews from other areas to meet the demand.

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