Strange crimes leave neighbors searching for answers

Strange crimes leave neighbors searching for answers

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – A series of strange events has neighbors taking extra precaution when it comes to safety in one local community. Neighbors said it is not just that there has been a string of problems but also it is the types of crimes taking place in Arrowhead subdivisions that has them concerned.

The Villages of Arrowhead sits right along a golf course that sits on the waterway and is relatively quiet for the most part. However, Steven McKay said things started to change a few weeks ago when someone went rummaging through cars on his street.

"It just happened that our security guy was coming around at the same time so he went after him," added McKay.

Most of the people who live in Arrowhead keep up with community news through email. Recently an email blast went out and in it a message described an odd crime that had taken place.

Someone had walked into a home where a husband said he walked out of the bathroom and found a stranger in the living room.

The email states the husband told the suspect to leave and then 30 minutes later realized his wallet was missing so he canceled his debit accounts.

Another email blast came out just this week after a man called police and told them he saw a man looking into homes off Barclay Drive.

Police responded but said they were not able to locate a suspect.?

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