Cold weather forces schools to find indoor activities in place of recess

Cold weather forces schools to find indoor activities in place of recess

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – The WMBF News First Alert weather team is forecasting another round of frigid temperatures overnight into Friday, which could mean more delays for local schools, and keeping kids inside all day. So parents are wondering- what is Horry County Schools' plan for students in place of their normal daily outdoor activities?

"Normally we have a walk in the mornings, we have a walking program but with the cold weather days, of course we stay inside in the hall ways and children read books most part for the morning hours," explains Riverside Elementary Principal Vicki Underwood.

Schools want parents to bundle up kids before they leave the front door, but it's not because they'll be going outside during school hours- administrators know parents don't want kids spending time outdoors when it's freezing.

"Pretty much if it's below freezing, the kids won't go outside for recess or anything, so once they get here, it's not too bad they'll stay inside most of the day," according to Beth McNew, mother of two children that go to Myrtle Beach schools.

Teachers are finding other activities for children to keep them out of the arctic air. Administrators at area schools say what they'll be doing, though, varies by school or by teacher. But the important thing is that they'll be indoors, and they'll be safe.

"Teachers are very creative as you well know, so each teacher has their own, um, agenda, for recess, however it is downtime, and it is a time where they can relax, and a lot of times they'll play games, in their classroom. They might, you know just sit and talk with other peers, so it just depends on each individual teacher on how they do recess but it's an unstructured time as far as work and rigor," Underwood says.

Now don't forget if kids are standing out for the school bus tomorrow morning it will be cold. School administrators say especially for young kids, It might be a good idea for parents to set an outfit out at night, including a scarf, hat, and gloves, so kids aren't scrambling to find those items at the last minute.

Make sure you check the latest list of delays and closings before you send your child to the bus stop tomorrow.

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