Warming up during winter weather

Warming up during winter weather

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – The sun is shining, the water looks calm, the beach is beautiful. It looks like any other day in the Myrtle Beach area. Except it



With a wind chill in the teens, many residents are trying to beat cabin fever. For some, it is a stroll along the sand.

David Klee spent the day walking his two dogs, Bear and Moose, along the coast of Surfside Beach. He says the weather was warmer than the dog house.

“I'd be in the doghouse with them if I didn't get them walked,” he joked. Klee added, “it's wintertime in Myrtle Beach. One day it can be 70 degrees, the next it can be 30.”

He was waiting for the day to warm up, but decided to layer up and brave the beach.

“I've found the warmer place is on the beach than the backyard. You've got the sun in your face and the wind isn't too bad,” said Klee.

Bear and Moose didn't seem to mind either.

While the water temperatures at the ocean may be too cold for swimmers, at the North Myrtle Beach Aquatic Center, swimmers are jumping right in.

“Regardless of the temperature outside, it's pretty consistent here, it's pretty pleasant,” commented Frank Schiavelli, between laps in the indoor pool.

Swim instructors with the Aquatic Center said wintertime is actually one of the busiest times.

“It may be too cold to work out outside, but it is always warm here in the pool,” explained swim instructor Sarah Wells.

The water temperature is kept around 80 in the Olympic sized pool, and swimmers admit the only cold part is when they have to get out of the water and back to their cars.

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