Temperatures are down, but business is up

Temperatures are down, but business is up

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Not everyone is against this cold, especially some local businesses reaping the benefits of the freezing temperatures.

General Manager at Grand 14 at the Market Common, Duane Farmer, said snowbirds from all over, including New York and Boston, are using our area as an escape from the snow. They come to the movies to see big pictures, and show him their pictures in return.

“They all sit there and say let me show you and they show me on their phone, this is what we left,” said General Manager at Grand 14 at the Market Common Duane Farmer. “It's really funny because I have Myrtle Beach people who say, ‘I didn't move to the beach for this because they think its cold here,' but it's not as bad as it is up there.”

While we think this weather is brutal, which it is, it's still benefiting our bottom line: tourism.

Farmer says the last few days the movie theater has been slammed and ticket sales have been soaring. Of course, he credits box office boosters like

American Sniper


50 Shades of Grey

, but he says, the cold definitely plays a factor.

The Hollywood Wax Museum is also extremely impressed with the outcome of sales during its first winter season at the beach. The folks at Wonderworks at Broadway at the Beach agreed.

One worker at Ripley's Believe it Not in downtown says she met a lot of snowbirds who call our area their escape, and others are hearing the same.

“We have a big influx of snowbirds as always here at the beach and they just happen to be big movie-goers, and if they can drive, they're coming,” said Farmer.

That's the difference between last year and this year. Since we're not dealing with ice, and we can drive through this weather, some local businesses are reporting seeing better sales this winter than last.

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