Tax experts say lengthy return time predictions a nonissue

Tax experts say lengthy return time predictions a nonissue

CAROLINA FOREST, SC (WMBF) - Because of IRS budget cuts, there are fewer people working for the service this year. At the beginning of tax season we were told because of that, it could take longer to get your return.

But tax experts say that hasn't been the case so far this year, despite the predictions and rumors that came along with them.

"'Oh, we're not going to get our refunds until October', we heard that one a lot," says Samantha Slapnik with Liberty Financial in Carolina Forest. "That was a Facebook rumor. 'Oh, it's going to take forever to process, we're never going to get our refunds', it's usually about the money and that's what most people are worried about."

Put your worries aside, because Slapnik says this year has been business as usual.

"As far as electronic filing, we've seen no delays. Funding has been on a 10 to 14 day cycle."

Another big question was whether customers would even be able to get through to the IRS if they need to call with questions. Tax experts say wait times to get someone from the IRS on the phone can last hours. It requires patience and a little bit strategy when you call.

"We recommend that they do not call on Mondays or Fridays, because people think about it all weekend, or they want to get it done before the end of the week," Slapnik advises. And one more tip, "We recommend that they call first thing in the morning. Call lines open up at 8 a.m., so if we call at 8 a.m., it's before California is waking up so that's half the country you don't have to worry about."

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