Hartsville police issue alert against phone hoax

Hartsville police issue alert against phone hoax

HARTSVILLE, SC (WMBF) - A possible phone scam has been circulating, according to the Hartsville Police Department.

The following alert was issued by the Hartsville Police Department:

With the in climate weather and power outages people are understandably concerned about their power service.

We have just been informed of a new phone scam that is circulating.

It appears that the scammers have access to utility payment records and will call and say that there is a problem with the system and they need you to make another payment over the phone to keep you power on. THIS IS A SCAM!!

If you feel that your power bill is late, hang up and locate the proper phone number for your utility on your bill and call them directly.

If you should receive one of these calls advise them that you are going to call the police.

Please report any scams that you may encounter.

Also, if you receive one of these calls some of your online data might have been compromised.

Please change as many of your passwords as possible.

Remember, a legitimate company is usually very polite and easy to deal with. If the caller starts getting pushy or rude, that is a sign that is not a real utility. Hang up and call your local law enforcement.