New Directions emergency shelter open as extreme cold expected through Friday

New Directions emergency shelter open as extreme cold expected through Friday

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – The National Weather Service is expecting extreme low temperatures for the rest of the week.

Predictions are overnight lows in the mid-teens tomorrow, with daytime highs only in the low 30s. With the expected wind chill, temperature may feel much colder.

New Directions' Street Reach on Osceola Street is providing emergency overnight shelter for those who have no other place to escape the cold. Alcohol or drug use will not be tolerated at the shelter.

Life-safety and fire prevention tips:

• Check on elderly neighbors and relatives to be sure they are comfortable.

• Bring pets indoors or provide a warm shelter for them.

• Space heaters need space. Keep everything at least three feet away from them.

• Non-electric portable heaters should be properly vented.

• Never leave space heaters unattended. Turn them off when leaving or going to bed.

• Never plug an electric heater into an extension cord.

• Do not use an oven to heat your home.

• Use a study fireplace screen on the fireplace and have your chimney cleaned and checked at least once a year.

• Have working smoke detectors in all bedrooms and on every level of your home.

• If traveling extended distances, pack a blanket and additional warm clothing.

Extended below-freezing temperatures can affect plumbing for some homes. These precautions may keep pipes from freezing:

• Close crawl space vents.

• Disconnect the garden hose from the spigot.

• Insulate around outside spigots.

• Leave a light on in the utility room.

• Allow a trickle of water to run from a faucet

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