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Residents caught in Robbers Roost development want to see changes before council's final vote

Bill Mincher, HOA President for Shadow Moss Condos Bill Mincher, HOA President for Shadow Moss Condos
Carol McCormick, Resident of Shadow Moss Carol McCormick, Resident of Shadow Moss
Residents are concerned about the commercial property lighting surrounding their homes. Residents are concerned about the commercial property lighting surrounding their homes.
NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF)-  During their February 16 meeting, North Myrtle Beach City Council members passed the first reading of an ordinance to amend the Robbers Roost Planned Development District (PDD), with the stipulation that the matter be discussed in greater detail next week. 

According to the Pat Dowling, City Spokesperson for North Myrtle Beach, the proposed amendment to the PDD seeks changes to the previously approved residential phase known as the Neighborhood. During their discussion of the proposed changes, council members decided it would be a great help if the developer and staff could put together a comprehensive presentation with overlays that make it easier for Council to compare items currently required in the PDD with the variety of changes requested. The Council would also like to see a representation of the type of homes to be built in the Neighborhood, and a representative site plan showing the general positioning of homes in relation to front and rear yard setbacks.

The development of the Neighborhood will impact to differing degrees the existing developments of Shadow Moss, Fox Hollow, Golf View Colony and The Pines. Council members want to be sure that proposed buffers, landscaping, lighting, storm water drainage offer practical safeguards to the existing integrity of those communities, while at the same time providing the developer of the Neighborhood with fair use of his land.

Residents of Shadow Moss Condominiums have expressed concerned about the development project, they said they knew years ago, there would be changes, but Bill Mincher, HOA President for Shadow Moss said he feel his once quiet community is now an island that is surrounded by more homes, and more commercial property. 

"We are going to be surrounded by commercial buildings, roadways, lighting, traffic, and noise, so yes we have become an island," explained Mincher. 

Mincher says the parking lot lighting from the commercial businesses in the area shine right through many of the residents' windows at night. He wants the developers to put up some type of buffer around the community. "[We want] the buffer surrounding Shadow Moss to be adequate enough to cut down the noise and lighting," he said. "If the lighting is going to be the same that is out there now, in the mall, we're in for a big problem."

Other residents like Carol McCormick say the area is just too small to build new homes. "They are going squeeze a 155 homes in between four existing developments, and the invasion of construction."  She adds, "Here's a development here, and a development here, and a yard between and now there going to put houses there?"

Dowling said the council workshop is scheduled for Monday, February 23, 2015, at 2:00 p.m. at City Hall. Members plan to go over all of the proposals to show what is allowed in the PDD currently, and what would be allowed if amendments were allowed.

Staff will make the presentation and Christopher Manning of Manning Realty, LLC will also participate. Manning said he could not give specific details about the plans, but they are working on addressing the resident's concerns.

According to Dowling, the developer has requested an amendment to the Robber's Roost Planned Development District to allow changes to the previously approved residential phase known as the Neighborhood. The request involves removal of alleyways, density reductions, changes to housing styles, and new phasing of residential construction.

The general design of the Neighborhood remains intact with single-family homes adjacent to public roads and open space; however, the alleys and rear-loaded garages as originally approved would be removed. The density is reduced by 9 lots; from 164 to 155, while still utilizing the same minimum lot sizes, setbacks, and building separations.

Development standards would follow some of the original design themes by requiring the following: garage doors facing streets to use an architectural style similar to carriage doors, useable front porches, and recessed front-loaded garages. Courtyard-style homes would be allowed, whereas before they were not. A courtyard home 's configuration is such that the garage is situated in front of the home with the garage entry perpendicular to the street. Courtyard homes would also require a front porch.

Design standards, including typical housing elevations, have also been submitted. Prohibited exterior finishes would be wood siding, vinyl siding, aluminum siding, and exposed CMU. Contrary to originally approved, vinyl, polyurethane, or urethane fence systems would be permitted, according to Dowling.

The Neighborhood would be constructed in six phases; 4A through 4F. The starting date for construction would begin in July 2015. All roads would be public and built to complete street standards.

As per existing P.D.D. regulations, construction traffic (other than that necessary to construct the access road that ties into 11111) is still prohibited from using 11th Avenue North. Consequently, the applicant has provided two options for bringing construction traffic in off Hwy. 17 using right-in/right-out accesses proposed in connection with the Village Shops. Construction vehicles would travel along an unimproved road adjacent to Shadow Moss to enter and exit the Neighborhood.

Connection to 11th Avenue North would be established simultaneously with the building of Phase 4A. Prior to releasing the first building permit in Phase 4A, the improvements to 11th Avenue North at the entrance to the Neighborhood (near the school) would need to be completed. Additionally, prior to either Phase 4C of the Neighborhood or Phase 3A or 3B of the Village Shops, the additional lane and signal improvements on 11th Avenue North and Hwy. 17 would need to be built.

Currently the roadways within the project are not showing connection to Sea Hope Way. The expectation is for that connection to occur with the platting of Phase 4C of the Neighborhood, and shall be completed or guaranteed financially prior to releasing the first building permit for Phase 4C.

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