Winter storm cleanup continues in Hartsville

Winter storm cleanup continues in Hartsville

HARTSVILLE, SC (WMBF) - State and county crews are out cleaning and clearing, after the ice wreaked havoc in some parts of our area.

Ice covered trees, power lines and street signs could be seen at every turn in Hartsville.

Duke Energy power crews were out trimming back iced over tree limbs so electricity could be restored to those in the dark.

“We're issuing the estimated times of restoration for the last customer that are able to receive power as being 11 o'clock on Wednesday night, however most customers will come on sooner,” said Mindy Taylor with Duke Energy Progress.

In Darlington County, 120 Duke Energy workers were on the ground trying to get power back up and running.

The electric company said for the most part, heavy ice caused outages.

“Well what happens with ice is that it accumulates on tree limbs and then those tree limbs come down on the power lines,” Taylor said

Not only do those heavy limbs cause issues for power lines, they also cause issues on our roads.

SCDOT crews will be out for the remainder of Tuesday clearing fallen limbs from streets.

For drivers, those tree limbs may have been the only hang up as icy roads were not a big problem. SCDOT officials said crews did what they could last night to make sure icy roads didn't slow you down this morning.

“We pretreated the roads a day before,” Ray Parnell, SCDOT said.

But overpasses and bridges did create some hang ups this morning.

 “This morning we had bridges glazing over a little bit and we were,” Parnell said.

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