Fair DUI flyer makes checkpoints easier for drivers

Fair DUI flyer makes checkpoints easier for drivers

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - With just a quick search on YouTube, you will find video after video of people in police safety checkpoints flashing a piece of paper.

In some videos, the driver presses it up against the window, in others it's in a plastic bag, but all the drivers are doing one thing: exercising their rights.

"This sign out your window is just to circumvent all of that, and say, 'Look, I may not be drunk, I may not be committing any crimes whatsoever, but it's my right as a United States citizen to drive freely,'" said Myrtle Beach attorney Jonny McCoy.

The flyers are state specific, but are available for drivers in South Carolina.

David King with the Horry County CAST Coalition says he hasn't seen the signs pop up in Horry County yet, but doesn't believe they will cause any problems. He says as long as drivers have the right paperwork, officers will send them on their way.

Since drivers don't have to speak with officers at those safety checkpoints, showing the flyer shouldn't change protocol.

"I don't think it's a very good idea," explained McCoy.

He worries the paperwork might send the wrong message. McCoy says it could call extra attention to yourself, and that paper won't save you if you get pulled over down the road.

"If you're going to play this game, you better be 100 percent, the squeakiest clean human being alive or they're going to pull you over," said McCoy.

McCoy doesn't believe this trend will last for long though. He says it's always promising to see people looking into their rights, but often they can get misguided.

He also warns future legislation could eliminate the possibility of showing that flyer down the road.?

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