Carolina Forest Civic Association reorganizing, wants to keep growing area

Carolina Forest Civic Association reorganizing, wants to keep growing area

CAROLINA FOREST, SC (WMBF) - The past year in Carolina Forest has been a busy one with project after project and new business after new business. The Carolina Forests Civic Association is nowhere near content though, with many more things in the plans moving forward.

"School realignment, infrastructure, medians, litter," listed Carole vanSickler, Civic Association Treasurer. "All of the issues that are affecting us as residents, homeowners, and business owners."

So far, this unincorporated area of Horry County hasn't had all the help it would like -- having to cover a lot of the costs.

One example is the median beautification project.

"We're not getting the support from a legislative level at this point in time with the different ride programs so we're going ahead and beautifying," explained vanSickler.

The group has moved forward with the project by getting private funding… but it wants future projects to be easier.

That's why this Wednesday, the association will be reorganizing, and voting to make some changes.

One change could be becoming a charitable organization. That way getting donations would be easier, since the group would be tax exempt

The Civic Association also wants to work better with HOAs, so moving forward, it can take projects into its own hands and not wait for help from the county or other agencies.

"We've grown over the years, we've learned over the years," She said. "If we don't all come together as a unified force, it's only to our better programs, our better future, if we do so."

That meeting will be this Wednesday night at six inside the Rec Center. The civic association asks people who live in the area to show up so everyone can get on the same page and keep the community moving in the right direction.

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