Unlocked cars make residents victims in Forestbrook neighborhood

Unlocked cars make residents victims in Forestbrook neighborhood

FORESTBROOK, SC (WMBF) – A suspect caught on camera stole a pistol from one car and the peace of mind from an entire community, according to police.

Based on two police reports – neighbors believe the suspect went door to door until he found an unlocked door.

The video shows the man using a small flashlight from a phone in the Forestbrook Reserve community early Monday morning.

Tthe time stamp from the surveillance video marks the suspect walking through the area at 3:30 a.m.

The police report noted it is too difficult to identify the suspect from the angle.

Another report shows just doors down from where this camera was rolling, a neighbor realized his car was broken into and his gun was stolen.

Horry County Police say if a pistol is stolen, the most important information is the serial number. Police put it into a database which will notify an officer if the pistol is stolen.

These types of incidents are not confined to just one community.

Earlier this month, the HOA for the Villages of Arrowhead warned homeowners of a man walking into an unlocked house and allegedly stealing a wallet while the homeowner was in the bathroom.

These crimes may not be all connected – but they do have one detail in common – unlocked doors.

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