New business speeds into Myrtle Beach

New business speeds into Myrtle Beach

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - A new business speeding into Myrtle Beach. It's an electric bike company, very prevalent in the West Coast, but new to our area, and the first of its kind to come to the Carolinas.

An electric bike is exactly how it sounds, its just like a regular bike, only with a motor and a battery.

“Our bikes can go without any power at all where its completely up to you where you get tons of exercise or you can get virtually no exercise and just twist the throttle and off you go,” said owner of Pedego Myrtle Beach Aaron Maynard.

These bikes can function like a normal bike, with no engine involved, but the extra feature allows you to use the throttle without pedaling and cruise up to 20 mph.

When Pedego opens, you can test ride the bikes, rent them or even buy one.

There are five different models which make room for more people to ride. There's a model designed for people with limited mobility. There are also bikes for beach rides, trekking through dirt, and even a two seater.

The owner of Pedego Myrtle Beach says the bikes can help support the push to make our area more cyclist and pedestrian friendly. He thinks electric bikes will spark new interest and eventually put more bikes on our roads.

“Cities do really well with cycling initiatives when you have a lot of cyclists actually pushing for it so the more we have on the road the better it is,” said Maynard.

It can also be a push for leaders to make our roads safer.

“I mean its just going to to provide an element of fun that may not already exist here at Market Common other than the shopping and dining experience,” said Maynard. “Its an active fun experience and I think it's going to be wonderful for this area.”

Maynard thinks unique additions like this one will get people visiting, and coming back.

“I mean I think it's going to bring tourism to Market Common, I really do, because its gonna add one more element of fun things to do here."

He said, if tourist are unfamiliar with the Market Common, his business can help. He's going to work with local hotels in promoting this new activity to visitors.

These bikes can bring you to the beach, and be rented for several days to use as a mode of transportation around town.

It's located near other "healthy lifestyle" businesses in the area. Just on Deville Street there is a yoga, barre, dance studio and Dentist office. Maynard says the Market Common is growing to become a true health mecca.

He believes these activities will draw in both individuals and families, giving them the opportunity to spend the day at Market Common.

"You know you can go on a bike ride, catch a movie, go out to dinner, it can be a complete day for a family or just an individual a couple or whoever.”

The business will open in March. Renting will cost about $20 per hour but the longer you rent, the more that price goes down. There's even an option to rent for up to a week.

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