31 potential road projects released to RIDE III committee

31 potential road projects released to RIDE III committee

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - Members of the Horry County RIDE III Advisory Committee made recommendations on where they think road construction will benefit you the most.

Each member of the committee was asked to come up with three projects they would like see happen. The list was just completed and released to the members over the past few weeks. It consists of 31 road projects for the county.

The committee met Thursday evening to start discussing plans and recommendations that will be presented to the Horry County Council in the upcoming months.

RIDE III Committee members are responsible for deciding the best way to spend your tax dollars on road improvements in the county.

Steven Gosnell, Assistant County Administrator & County Engineer said the committee is studying each project.

"This committee is studying what projects to go with. In 2016 there will be another sax tales referendum on the ballot and people can vote what they would like to have that tax put in place to pay for some more roads,"Gosnell said, "We certainly have the need for road improvements."

The projects will be narrowed down, once committee looks at the priority of the project and the estimated price tag to get it done.

"I think they initially started with over a 150 [projects] they pared that down to 51; now we've got it down to 31, and right now those 31 are close to $2 billion worth of work, so they've got to get back down to our projected $530 million if another referendum in place.

Eddie Dyer, RIDE III Chairman said he would like to see every part of the county have a road project completed.

Dyer said "We want to be fair, we want to be geographically fair."

But the task is critical because of the number of roads and highways needing repairs or improvements in the county.

"We have significantly more projects than we do money, so that's really their task probably, the most difficult thing they are charged with doing; out of all the projects we got, which ones should we pick to do next," explained Gosnell.

RIDE III is also considering paving 100 miles of dirt roads, and resurfacing a 100 miles within the county. The specific locations have yet to be determined but Dyer said much of the paving will happen in the western part of the county, within districts seven, nine, and 10.

Dyer said the money for this project would be deducted from the estimated $550 million in the penny tax over the next 8 years. A final decision will be on this project once county officials determine how much it will cost.

The committee scheduled to meet next month to look over the projects, Dyer said he will take all of the final recommendations before the Horry County Council in April.

Here are the listed 31 project recommendations from RIDE III Advisory Committee:

Project #1:  El Bethel Extension in Conway (District 7/Frazier)- construct new road with multi-use trail from Hwy. 378 to Hwy 701 South

Project #2: Cultra Road Widening in Conway (District 7/Frazier)- widen Cultra Road from Hwy 701 North to Hwy. 501

Project #3: Hwy. 701 N. Widening in Horry Co. (District 7/Allen)- widen Hwy. 701 N. from Homewood area to Hwy. 22

Project #4: Hwy. 9 Widening in Horry Co. (District 10/J Prince)- widen Hwy. 9 from Green Sea to Hwy. 76

Project #5 and 12: Hwy. 90 Widening in Conway (District 2/Howard, District 7/Frazier, District 8/Vaught, District 9/P Prince)- widen Hwy.       90 from Hwy 501 Bypass to Hwy. 22

Project #6: Southern Evacuation Lifeline (SELL) in Horry Co. (District 4/Loftus, District 5/Servant, District 7/Frazier, District 11/Allen)-      completion of final studies and Record of Decision and/or some initial land purchase

Project #7: U.S. 17 Business Widening in Surfside Beach (District 4/Loftus, District 5/Servant)- widening Hwy. 17 Bus. from Melody Lane                        to 17th Ave. N. Add additional lane in each direction and eliminate frontage roads

Project #8: Hwy. 17 Business Widening in Horry Co. (District 5/Servant)- add additional lane to Hwy. 17 Bus. in each direction from                            Inlet Square Mall to Melody Lane.

Project #9: Carolina Forest Blvd. Widening in Horry Co. (District 2/Howard, District 3/Foxworth)- widen Carolina Forest Blvd. and add a                          series of traffic lights.

Project #10: Gardner Lacy Road Extension in Horry Co. (District 2/Howard, District 8/Vaught, District 10/ J Prince)- extension of Gardner                           Lacy Road to International Drive

Project #11: Augusta Plantation Dr. Extension in Horry Co. (District 2/Howard, District 3/Foxworth)- extension of Augusta Plantation                           Drive from Berkshire Forest to Carolina Forest Blvd.

Project #13: Hwy. 17 Bypass & Hwy. 544 Intersection in Horry Co. (District 4/Loftus, District 6/Grabowski)- add a left turn lane coming off                        northbound Hwy. 17 Bypass onto Hwy. 544

Project #14: 17 Bypass Widening/Intersection Improvements in Horry Co. & Myrtle Beach (District 4/Loftus, District 5/Servant, District                              6/Grabowski)- addition of lanes and modifications to all intersections of Hwy. 17 Bus. from Temperance Dr. to county line                              (Murrells Inlet)

Project #15: Forestbrook Road Widening in Horry Co. (District 6/Grabowski, District 8/Vaught)- widening of and/or turn lane additions on Forestbrook Road from Hwy. 501 to Dick Pond Rd.

Project #16: Hwy. 31 Extension in Horry Co. (District 1/Worley, District 9/ P Prince)- extend Hwy. 31 from US 9 to the North Carolina state                        line

Project #17: Hwy. 90 Widening in Horry Co. (District 1/Worley, District 9/ P Prince)- widen Hwy. 90 from Main St. connector to Hwy. 17

Project #18: Hwy. 9 and Hwy. 17 Flyovers in Horry Co. (District 1/Worley, District 9/P Prince)- realign Hwy. 9 and Hwy. 17 grade separation (flyovers)

Project #19: Hwy. 9 Bus. Widening in Horry Co. and Loris (District 9/P Prince)- widen Hwy. 9 Bus. from Hwy. 66 to Broad St. (Hwy. 701) in Loris

Project #20: Hwy. 701 North Widening in Horry Co. and Loris (District 9/P Prince)- widen Hwy. 701 from Airport Rd. to North Carolina state line

Project #21: Red Bluff Rd. Widening in Horry Co. and Loris(District 9/P Prince, District 10/J Prince)- widen Red Bluff Rd from the Hwy. 9 Bus. (Loris) to Hwy. 90

Project #22: Hwy. 90 Widening in Horry Co. (District 9/P Prince)- widen Hwy. 90 from Hwy. 22 to the Main St. connector (Robert Edge)

Project #23: Hwy. 378 Widening in Horry Co. and Conway (District 7/Frazier, District 11/Allen)- widen Hwy. 378 from the city of Conway to the county line.

Project #24: Watertower/Lilly/Bourne Extension in Horry Co. and North Myrtle Beach (District 9/P Prince)- construct Champions Rd. to Water Lilly Rd. Connect to Long Bay Rd., Bourne Trail and Watertower Rd.

Project #25: Hwy. 17 Improvements in North Myrtle Beach (District 1/Worley, District 2/Howard)- improve Hwy. 17 between Ocean Creek Dr. and 46th Ave. S.

Project #26: Little River Neck Rd. Widening in North Myrtle Beach (District 1/Worley)- widen Little River Neck Rd.

Project #27: Fred Nash Blvd. Extension in Horry Co. and Myrtle Beach (District 3/Foxworth, District 4/Loftus)- extend Fred Nash Blvd. to Harrelson Blvd.

Project #28: Hwy. 15 Widening in Myrtle Beach (District 3/Foxworth)- widen Hwy. 15 from 3rd Ave. South to Harrelson Blvd.

Project #29: Hwy. 501 Enhancements in Horry Co. in Myrtle Beach and Conway (District 3/Foxworth, District 4/Loftus, District 8/Vaught)- improvements to Hwy. 501 between city of Conway and City of Myrtle Beach

Project #30: Palmetto Pointe Blvd. Extension in Horry Co. (District 6/Grabowski)- extend Palmetto Pointe Blvd. to the intersection of Hwy. 544 and Big Block Rd.

Project #31: Hwy. 501 Realignment in Myrtle Beach (District 3/Foxworth)-realign Hwy. 501 at its intersection with Broadway St. into 7th Ave. North

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