Petition created for Horry-Georgetown sportsmen

Petition created for Horry-Georgetown sportsmen

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - An online petition has been created "to show the interest of local sportsmen in the concerns that have been presented to the Wildlife and Fisheries Advisory Committee of South Carolina."

Horry County Council Chairman Mark Lazarus took to Twitter Thursday night to show his support of the Horry-Georgetown Sportsmen's Coalition.

The coalition is made up of of public sportsmen and landowners who are willing to work together at the local level protect, restore, and enhance wetlands and wildlife conservation, while also protecting the rights of property owners and sportsmen, according to the petition.

The signatures will be revealed to the committee during a follow up meeting in Columbia in the near future.

Click to view the I support the Horry-Georgetown Sportsman's Coalition petition.

The goal of HGSC are as follows:

The restoration and proper management of Samworth Waterfowl WMA impoundments.

To help educate the up and coming teens & youth in South Carolina about hunter safety and ethics

To help with the concerns of all sportsmen and wildlife in the Low Country of South Carolina

To work alongside property owners to reach all of these goals.

The purpose of this petition is to show support for the four (4) concerns that have been presented by the Horry-Georgetown Sportsman's Coalition to SCDNR.

1.) A new Waterfowl Advisory Committee will be conceived and implemented with monthly meetings. This committee will equally represent sportsman and landowners alike.

2.) The education of gun safety, shotgun ballistics, and ethics in waterfowling needs to be addressed, and a plan should be implemented to present this kind of education to the younger generation of waterfowlers.

3.) A new, director over the Samworth Wildlife Management Area, Santee Coastal Reserve, and Santee Delta needs to be hired. The candidate should have extensive experience in moist soils management, wetland ecology, game management, and waterfowl management. A separate manager for Samworth should also be discussed.

4.) The management regime for all state waterfowl fields need to be revamped. A detailed list of management objectives needs to be created for Samworth and the operational activities should be documented on a weekly basis and available to the public. Our state fields should be managed to their full potential, utilizing all of their budget in an efficient and practical manner.

The areas of specific concern are:

Category II/Carr Creeks

Rabbit Island

Upper & Lower Middleton

Samworth Sanctuary Field