NRF: About 50/50 chance adults will celebrate V-Day

NRF: About 50/50 chance adults will celebrate V-Day

(WMBF) - There's about a 50/50 chance you'll celebrate Valentine's Day, according to a National Retail Federation consumer survey.

Insight from the survey showed nearly 55 percent of adults will celebrate his or her Valentine on the holiday, while 45 percent will not.

Most gifts will be purchased at a department store, while 35 percent of adults will pick up a treat for their sweetheart at a discount stores.

One-quarter of shoppers will buy gifts online and only 13 percent will shop local for their love.

Nearly 20 percent of adults will spend money buying flowers, according to the survey.

For those opting out of the "lovely" holiday, 10 percent plan to spend the evening with friends and family. Another 9 percent plan to celebrate the greatest love of all and treat themselves.

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