Gas station sees uptick in sales as Powerball earnings rise

Gas station sees uptick in sales as Powerball earnings rise

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF)- Customers were lining up all night to purchase lottery tickets in hopes of snagging the big winner. Many of those shoppers who normally wouldn't take the chance, couldn't resist the shot at more than $564 million.

"What's it?  $500 million? I think that return on a $15 investment is only something God can do," Tyler Wadzinski said.

An investment many were willing to make Wednesday night.

"I'm looking to be a millionaire, and it's really hard if you don't have one of these things in your hand," Tom Farley said.

Workers at the Coastal Petro convenience store and gas station noticed they had a revolving door.

"I stay busy...In five minutes, 8 or 9 people buy the Powerball," one worker said.

Customers weren't just buying the Powerball, workers noticed many customers were making a trip out of it.

"They buy the cigarette, beer.. but they buy the Powerball," one worker added.

Some left without a ticket in hand, like Jasmine Sanders, who doesn't believe in luck.

"I'm not that person that wins stuff," Sanders said.

However, once Sanders realized the Powerball jackpot amount, she considered turning back.

"Now that I know it's that much, I think I might," Sanders added.

Even some who never buy them, made sure they got to the register.

"I don't usually ever buy a ticket, this is probably.. probably the tenth lottery ticket I've bought, in my life, so.. and I'm 25," Wadzinski said.

Others seemed to have their strategy down.

"I let the machine pick the numbers, I'm not going to get tied into picking particular numbers because I could miss a week and my numbers come out," Farley said.

"I want to be a multimillionaire, I want to win it.  I want that winning ticket!"

Many people said they wouldn't even know what to do with the $564 million but would like to pay it forward.

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