Water park hotel, concert venue recommended as improvements for Myrtle Beach

Water park hotel, concert venue recommended as improvements for Myrtle Beach

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – City leaders in Myrtle Beach got their first look at what Myrtle Beach could look like in the future during a presentation on Wednesday.

There are quite a few recommendations that would really change the downtown skyline as we know it, especially in the heart of downtown.  It is an area that just cannot get going at the moment in terms of redevelopment and growth and city leaders are the first to admit it.


t is a tough area that has a lot of old neglect and infrastructure from a private property standpoint," said David Sebok with the Downtown Redevelopment Corporation.  "It's not an area that our residents or tourists will spend any time in right now for the most part.

David Sebok and the MBDRC brought in a consultant group to study a section of downtown known as the South Mixed Use area.  Think of it this way, it is basically all the land south of the old pavilion site to about Family Kingdom.

The consultant group told city leaders what needs to change to help bring new life to this area of town and there were several changes put out on the table Wednesday afternoon.

In the short term, the group says the city can increase building code enforcement, bringing more police to the area to

promote safety. The city can also shut down some roads and streets to host festivals.

In the next five years, the group says the city should work with Burroughs and Chapin to build a venue at the old pavilion site that could host

concerts or serve as a park.

As for a long term goal, the city could try to help develop some type of water park hotel to sit where the zipline is today.

Those changes will take a lot of time and millions of dollars to complete but the city's leaders say you have to start somewhere.


Part of it is working with the property owners, developers, and investors and business people who want to do something different in that area and we've been actively working with some of those people for two years but the economy just hasn't been quite right yet," added Sebok.

As part of this process, the consultant team interviewed a number of local business owners to find out what they think needs to change in the area.  Motel owner Nancy Rabutino had no issue sharing her opinion on what could help this section of downtown.

"We need more police presence and more so cleaning up," added Rabutino.  "A lot of the motels are run down or aren't open so we need to upgrade some things."

Rabutino said even though it is in the early stages, she thinks the recommendations are on the right track.

"They listened to the people involved in the surveys and that's the most important thing."

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