Horry County Police explains how to detect a fake officer

Horry County Police explains how to detect a fake officer

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Police are still searching for three suspects following a home invasion Monday night. The victim told police one of the men told her he was a police officer.

Though police say they have reason to believe the home invasion was an isolated incident, they still want people to know how they would act if they were to come to their door versus an impostor.

"They won't be that sense of urgency, of, you know, trying to get in your house," Lieutenant Raul Denis said.

Lt. Denis, with the Horry County Police Department, says a police officer would not force him or herself through your door.

"There shouldn't be a rush to it. It should be a very controlled scenario, pretty much all the way around," Lt. Denis added.

Lt. Denis says there are times officers will be undercover.

"Police officers who are following up on crimes, will usually be detectives, and they could be plain clothes detectives or suit and tie detectives, but they'll identify themselves appropriately," he said.

However, when it comes to serving a warrant, Denis says officers will be in uniform.

"They may ask at some point you know, 'You say he's not home, can we come in and look around?' I mean, that's perfectly normal for us to do," Lt. Denis stated. He explains officers will be very clear and verify their identity for you.

"If it does happen to you, if someone comes to your house, pretending to be a police officer, and you don't feel that they may be, you can, you know, just continue to hold a conversation with them from the other side of the door so the situation doesn't get out of hand, but you can call 911 and say hey I have a situation in front of me right now and I need some clarification," Denis explained.

Denis says from there, 911 operators should be able to tell you if the police are really at your door.

"It's a serious thing for us when we have people running around pretending to be the police," Denis said.

Denis says it's serious because of the safety of the public but also for the fear that people may second guess real officers and he says if police show up at your door, in uniform, in a marked car, then you should know it's really them.

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