PTR Industries filling previously cut jobs

PTR Industries filling previously cut jobs

AYNOR, SC (WMBF) - PTR Industries is now rehiring for the positions it had to cut last summer due to a downturn in demand for guns.

"The gun business has been very cyclical the past several years with all the political upheaval and it's created a lot of boom and bust cycles and, unfortunately, the most recent bust cycle happened to coincide with when we got here," said Josh Fiorini, CEO of PTR Industries.

The gun industry is getting stronger again and PTR Industries is now able to bring itself back to full staff.

PTR industries has hired five full-time employees over the past couple of weeks. There are still four openings, mostly for overnight machinists who help supply what the assembly line completes during the day.

The Myrtle Beach Regional Economic Development Corporation has been working to bring more manufacturing jobs into Horry County to diversify the area that's flooded with retail and tourism positions.

"It really just gives you more of a long-term job that offers benefits," said Morgan Dendy, of MBREDC. "Our goal is to kind of bring up the average paying job, average wage in the county."

Anybody interested in applying to PTR Industries can submit applications through SC Works.

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