Myrtle Beach Flea Market closes; opens new opportunities

Myrtle Beach Flea Market closes; opens new opportunities

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The Myrtle Beach Flea Market has been open for almost 20 years and will close the end of February.

Before doors close for good, the flea market which is usually only open four days a week, will be open every day starting Wednesday.

For the next month about 55 vendors will be scrambling to sell as much as they can.

Delaware North Sportservice, the company which leased the 75,000 square foot space, just south of the Kings Highway entrance to the Market Common said it “lost its lease.”

"Everybody's life is being changed by the fact that this is being taken away,” said Marty Keene who Sells Regenerating PBS Wristbands at the flea market. "You're talking about a lot of people with their only source of income being working at the flea market."

Marty Keene, has been working at the market for five years. He makes his living selling holistic health wristbands. He said he wants to find a way to bring the flea market back to life.

"If we do what we think we can do with it, it will be an impact the opposite way of making a positive financial impact on so many families and on the area in general,” said Keene.

The final closing date will be February 28th and then the vendors will have two weeks to clear up their space.

Despite the recent news that the flea market is closing at the end of this month, a local real estate agent said a potential new tenant is in the works to take its place.

"Those of us who are in the position to be able to do so are putting together the right unit to be able to re establish it, probably under a little bit of a different name but in the same location,” said Keene.

Real Estate Agent Jason Ellis said if and only if the flea market does stick around, it would have to be on a much smaller scale. There are already negotiations underway for a new tenant to take over 50 thousand square feet, where the flea market currently sits. Those negotiations are confidential, so he could not say who would move in, and said we may not know for another month. Ellis did say, since they're non-exclusive, other offers are being accepted for the remaining space, and those offers have been coming in left and right.

One, for location, and two, because the flea market is closing. He said it kept prospective tenants from signing the dotted line. Ellis said closing the market not only opens prime square footage, but will bring change that could be tenfold.

In the meantime, anytime fitness is already setting up to move in here. It has an expected opening date for March 1st, that's the day after the flea market closes.

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