Sunhouse representatives react to arrest of three suspects for deadly armed robbery

Sunhouse representatives react to arrest of three suspects for deadly armed robbery

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Sunhouse representatives say this past month hasn't been easy for them but will work to make their stores more safe.

"It's been a trying month of January and two good individuals were taken from us for a needless crime," said Sunhouse representative, Gaylon Mullis. The two were killed during separate armed robberies, in what police say was, cold blood.

Authorities have 33 year old, Mckinley Daniels, 27 year old, James Daniels and 20 year old, Jerome Jenkins in custody for the murders of 40 year old Bala Parachuri and 30 year old Trisha Stull, murders, Solicitor Jimmy Richardson feels changed the community in many ways.

"Husbands have been having to go to the gas station just for fear of sending their wives or children out and I think it's changed the way we look at this sort of crime," Richardson said during Horry County Police Department's press conference.

Mullis says measures are already being taken to secure their stores. "We won't get lax no more. Ok? So, security will stay in our stores," Mullis said. "We're doing a lot of lighting, putting a lot of lights up, lighting the parking lots up so that way it will kind of deter a bad person," he added.

Mullis wants people to feel safe again. "When the customer comes in, they can feel at ease, because it's lit up. They can see what's going on, to get to their car, come in and shop... get their gas," Mullis explained.

I asked Mullis if he wanted to say anything to the three men arrested and charged with the murders of their two store clerks. He said it wouldn't be anything he could go on record with but says they will start to move on from this terrible time. "It's hurt us, but we'll come back, we'll bounce back, you know, we're strong people. We'll come back," Mullis said.

Police are still investigating and could not give anymore details but the three men police say are responsible for these crimes are being held at J. Reuben Long Detention Center, without bond.

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