Conway Medical Center making plans to expand in Carolina Forest

Conway Medical Center making plans to expand in Carolina Forest

CONWAY, SC, (WMBF) - You can't deny everywhere you look, there are signs of growth in Carolina Forest. The Conway Medical Center has obtained property in the Carolina Forest area and anticipates building a new medical facility.

"We do know that is going to be a multi-speciality building," said Julie Rajotte, spokeswoman for Conway Medical Center.

Rajotte said they understand the difficulties the residents of Carolina Forest experience when trying to get in and out of the community, therefore they want to provide services that are convenient.

"Everybody understands the pains of growth that this particular area has experienced and providing convenience is certainly something CMC does look at," Rajotte explained.

The facility that will operate as a multi-specialty physician's office will be built on the 1.7 acres located right off Carolina Forest Blvd Extension and River Oaks Drive, behind the HTC Building. It will operate under Conway Physicians Group, another branch of Conway Medical Center. The building plans are in the early stages, and Rajotte said there is not a projected time of when construction for the facility will begin or be completed.

Rajotte explained, "Now we've moved into actually working with an architect to draw up the plans, based on the study we have done for this area we are determining what kind of office space that we'll need, the number of patient's rooms, those kinds of things."

Rajotte said currently they have no plans to close or combine any of the three that already operate in Carolina Forest. In fact, based on their growth and the continual growth of the entire community, the group made the decision to build a larger facility that will offer a variety of specialized health services based on need.

"There are a number of folks who are leaving the Carolina Forest area coming towards Conway for specialized medical services and we hope to be able to bring some of those specialized services into the Carolina Forest area so folks don't have to travel so far," explained Rajotte.

"Over the years we've seen this area develop and grow and now tremendously grow - we've been providing services in Carolina Forest for quite some time," Rajotte said. "We have three offices here and because of the tremendous growth that we've seen in these three offices, as well as seeing the number of people coming out the Carolina Forest over into the Conway Medical Center campus for a variety of other specialty services we really do see the need to expand what we're doing in this area."

Prior to building plans, Rajotte said the group conducted studies on the Carolina Forest area, in which they concluded there is a much younger population, between the ages of 20 to 40, but she said that demographic is now understanding the value of good health, which creates a demand to have more health care providers and services available.

Rajotte said some of the influence to build was based on that study. "There is an increasing interest from the younger population in actually establishing themselves with a primary care physician or physician extender and basically maintaining their health," said Rajotte.

And she said it is not just the Carolina Forest area that is seeing tremendous growth they have recently added a physician office in Aynor, another in the Socastee area, and a number of other locations in Downtown Conway and near the Conway Medical Center.

According to Rajotte, the drawings for what the building will look like and the plans for what exact services will be provided in the new building are expected to be released by the of January 2015.

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