Wilson High School student is a triple threat

Wilson High School student is a triple threat

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - Seventeen-year-old Megan Register was chosen to be in this week's Student Spotlight because she's a triple threat. She's good at sports, gets straight A's, and helps out in the community.

"I had no idea, I woke up yesterday and my mom said 'Hey WMBF News called,' I was really shocked," said the Wilson High School senior when learning she was selected as the winner.

Wilson is in the National Honor Society, and has received five varsity letters in basketball, softball, and volleyball. She is active in the Yearbook Club, news team, and the Civinettes. She also enjoys working with her youth group where they've gone on many community service projects, and her willingness to excel just keeps growing.

"My tenth grade year, I had an English teacher named Ms. Goodman, and I really didn't like English before then, and as I went on with her class I loved it," she said. "We studied older [authors] like Shakespeare and I just fell in love with English, so history and English are my two favorites."

Megan has received partial scholarships to several universities. She's been accepted to the College of Charleston, Charleston Southern, FMU and USC. She says USC is the front runner. When she opened one of her acceptance letters she broke down in tears of joy.

"I was at work and my parents brought it up to work and I started crying and everybody thought I was crazy, but I was so excited it was from College of Charleston and on the outside it said you got the big letter!"

With just a few months left to go before graduation, Register says she's going to miss Wilson High School. But before she goes, she has a few words of advice for others in high school.

"Just give it all you've got - you're here for four years and you've got to get on your grades and get involved, and the more you put into it, the more you get out of it," Register said.

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