Police body cameras being used for more than just evidence

Police body cameras being used for more than just evidence

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – This week marks the first time that all Myrtle Beach Police officers have body cameras to wear while on duty.

There is no question the body cameras can help police during an investigation by adding to what evidence police could already use in the past.

Now, even days and months after a case is closed those cameras are still useful, especially the video that shows everything officers saw and heard while responding to the crime.

It is the moments of chaos that are caught on camera officers not only need to help solve an investigation but to help better train for how to respond to an emergency.

"Whenever we have an incident that occurs, a major incident and sometimes, just everyday calls for service, officers can go back monitor how their response to the call was including their approach, their position, their control of the scene," add Lt. Joey Crosby with MBPD. "They can evaluate the good points and the bad points to see where they can improve."

The cameras cost anywhere from $200 to $1,000 each but police believe they are well worth the money because previously the only footage of a crime they could use as evidence came from patrol cars.

"You're just seeing a field of vision of what the car is seeing or where the car is at with the body cameras you're actually seeing what the officer is seeing," added Lt. Crosby. "You're hearing what the officer is hearing you're not only hearing what words are being said but you're hearing the tone they are being said in."

Myrtle Beach and Surfside Beach Police are the only departments at the moment with cameras on every officer but North Myrtle Beach and Atlantic Beach are testing a few cameras.

Horry County also wants to buy body cameras in the future.

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