Tent, pawn shop, business park ordinances move forward in Horry County

Tent, pawn shop, business park ordinances move forward in Horry County

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - County leaders moved forward with changes to the beach tent ordinance, the electronic system to regulate pawn shops, and the multi-county business park in Carolina Forest. County leaders decided to give three different items the green light during Tuesday night's council meeting.

The first was moving forward to change the tent ordinance along Horry County beaches. County leaders say allowing baby cabanas on the beach will be the answer to community concerns without getting in the way of the reason they put the ordinance into place to begin with.

"It doesn't obstruct view because they're small, they're...they're, you know, below the line of sight, which was one of the problems we were having, and they're easily picked up, and moved quickly. Instead of like a big tent, that we were seeing, throughout the unincorporated areas that would take time to take down," Chairman Mark Lazarus explained.

The amendment will also allow tents to be used on the beach for special events.

County leaders then passed the first reading to further regulate pawn shop businesses using an electronic system.

"We want a report to us, on a daily basis, what has come in, so we can track it, and it's a lot easier to track it on a daily basis than after a month's gone by, and we have somebody that's turned in that they're missing some items. We know what's come in and if something alerts us, we can go check out the items and see if it's part of something that's potentially part of something else," Lazarus said.

Council also gave the county administrator the green light to start putting together the documents to move forward with the multi-county business park that includes the Tanger Outlets, the new Gander Mountain and the Forest Square shopping center.

Horry County Attorney Arrigo Carotti explained 35 percent of the property taxes the property owners pay to the county anyway would actually go towards paying the county back for this project over a seven to 10-year period. Carotti repeated that this would not be a county-wide investment, meaning if you are not a property owner in the directly affected area, your taxes will not go toward the project.

"But it also gives us public benefit, it takes our road, now you'll be able to go from Gardner Lacy Road all the way to Tanger Outlet. Once Tanger Outlet decides what they're going to do with their properties, our intent is to take that road all the way to Waccamaw Pines Drive, so you'll have inter-connectivity throughout the Carolina Forest area - not having to get on 501," Lazarus added.

Lazarus says the project will also include sidewalks up Carolina Forest Boulevard to Carolina Forest Elementary school which will help with their main goal, of adding sidewalks throughout Carolina Forest.

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