Harassment claim by CCU student investigated by federal officials

Harassment claim by CCU student investigated by federal officials

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - The U.S. Department of Education has opened an investigation after a CCU student claimed the university did not respond properly to her sexual harassment complaint.

Ali Cohen said one of her professors sexually harassed her last semester so she filed a complaint.

In the report, Cohen said she was given some initial advice but the office didn't fix the situation in an acceptable time frame.

Cohen said when she filed the complaint she was advised not go to class.

She says she followed that advice but says it didn't fix the situation.

WMBF News reached out to CCU about the allegations, but all the school could say was that there was a complaint filed.

The university does not comment on pending legal issues.

Cohen says after filing the complaint, the professor continued to try to contact her while she was away. She said she feels the professor didn't even know about the complaint.

"Filing the complaint created even more of a hostile environment than the actual professor's behavior. They antagonized my situation with the professor, with students, with the other administration, that it really became more of a volatile information for filing the complaint, when it's the exact opposite of what their purpose is supposed to be," said Cohen.

Under Title IX, any student can file a complaint due to sexual harassment or even discrimination.

The U.S. Department of Education would then start an investigation if warranted.

Correction: The previous headline to this story incorrectly indicated that a CCU student filed a sexual assault claim. The claim was regarding an alleged sexual harassment incident, not sexual assault.

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