CCU students, administrators discuss how to improve social media platforms

CCU students, administrators discuss how to improve social media platforms

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - Coastal Carolina University constantly looks for ways to make the school appealing to current and prospective students, and now there's a group dedicated to staying up-to-date with social media and technology.

Students and administrators, alike, meet to talk about improving social media presence within their own organizations and what new technology students on campus are using.

Then, they look for ways the university could use the technology to its advantage. Calling itself #CCUSocialMedia Dream Team, the group is comprised of several students, members of the public safety department, the alumni relations department, CCU's dean of students and more.

Whether it's showing prospective students why they should come to Coastal, keeping up with students on campus or reaching out to alumni, each organization has a different angle and reason to be involved. But the main goal, according to Brent Reser, the Social Media and Online Marketing Coordinator at the university, is to keep CCU evolving along with social media and even popular technology unique to its campus and students.

"They all have smartphones," Reser says. "They're all really good with technology. And that's how they're making their college decisions, that's how they're living their college experiences. It's through social media and technology."

Students don't call schools they're looking at any more, they shoot them Facebook messages, and that's another reason it's so important to stay on top of the game.

"It's crucial because prospective students these days, they're looking at social media," Reser continues. "That's how they're getting all their information. That's really a big part of how they're making their university choice. So it's important to have a good presence, it's important to speak to them and give them the contact they want."

So as departments brainstorm and challenge one another with new ideas, the concept is that students will be drawn to CCU. One such approach involves a campaign showcasing the jobs CCU grads have landed – to show that a CCU degree does lead to a great job.

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