Students, university respond to CCU student death

Students, university respond to CCU student death

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - Early Saturday morning crews shut down the northbound lanes of Highway 501 after an 18 year old was hit and killed by a car at the intersection.

The county coroner says Cameron Baer died after a car hit him while he was walking across the highway.

"First reaction, disbelief, shock, kind of sadness, to see one of us die like that is kind of a bummer," explained Coastal Carolina University freshman, Avery Veital.

That shock from Veital is because he says it could have been him. The freshman does not have a car so he's had to play frogger through the busy intersection as well.

With school buildings, restaurants, and banks across the way, he along with many others say they feel they're sometimes left without a choice. "The green light doesn't stay green very long so I got about halfway and it went yellow so I was like, I gotta [sic] pick it up. It's quite hectic," Veital said.

This isn't the first time a CCU student was hit and killed crossing a busy highway. In 2012, Elizabeth Gorshack died in a hit and run, after trying to cross Highway 544.

Nearly a month later, county officials voted to approve funding for a new traffic signal near campus.

Dan Evans went to CCU and says he hopes the school or county responds like it did the last time. "He was robbed of his experience here and his education," Evans said. "I think that the university needs to set something up, something as simple as a crosswalk I think would go a long way," he added.

This is something CCU says it's willing to explore. In the campus' master plan, it talks about the possibility of a pedestrian bridge to allow a way across Highway 501.

President David DeCenzo tells us fewer classes are being held on East campus now because of new buildings on campus.

There is currently work underway to consider a pedestrian bridge over Highway 544.

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