Families plead for help in deadly hit and run cases

Families plead for help in deadly hit and run cases

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Deadly hit and runs are some of the hardest cases to solve and finding answers to what happened or who is responsible gets even more difficult as time goes on not only for investigators, but also for the grieving families.

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Troopers with South Carolina Highway Patrol never consider an investigation into a deadly hit and run closed until they find the driver responsible.  It is an answer troopers say they not only want to find in a case it is also an answer that the victim's family deserves.

Nine months since a hit and run in Horry County that answer has not come for Pete Duran's family.  Someone found Duran dead in a ditch off the side of Highway 707 last June.

Duran's body was on the opposite side of the highway from his badly damaged moped.  WMBF News crews saw highway patrol take the moped to a nearby subdivision where a dented car sat next to a home.

That car was towed from the scene but as it turns out Highway Patrol ultimately ruled that car did not play a part in the crash that left Duran dead.  The case turned cold.

Corporal Sonny Collins said the MAIT team, Highway Patrol's crash investigators, has looked just about everywhere for a piece of evidence that might solve the Duran case.  As time passes, Collins said it may be difficult to find a new lead, but it would not take much if the right person came forward.

"A lot of people thought maybe I saw this or maybe I saw that - that's what we need to know because more often than not, it's one little tip that someone thinks it's so insignificant it means nothing but that's exactly what we need to go forward in the right direction," added Collins.

As Duran's family continues to wait for new developments in the investigation, another family dealing with the devastating loss following another hit and run just got a break in their own case.

Last month Yvette Goodyear got a call she was not expecting.  Troopers had made an arrest in the case involving her son, Tyshawn Johnson, who was killed in a hit and run in Myrtle Beach in August 2013.

Carlos Roy, 28, faces felony charges in connection to Johnson's death. Highway Patrol said Roy was a passenger in the car that hit and killed Johnson, who was riding a moped on Hwy 501.

Goodyear said she is glad to have an answer after all this time but it is not the answer she still needs.  Goodyear does not know who was driving the car that hit her son Tyshawn.

"Maybe they will have enough sympathy in their heart to come forth," added Goodyear.  "I'm not mad, I just want to know why you left my son to die." 

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