Atlantic Beach Bikefest committee discusses different hours, police presence

Atlantic Beach Bikefest committee discusses different hours, police presence

ATLANTIC BEACH, SC (WMBF) - While most people were at home or still in bed, the Bikefest Committee in Atlantic Beach was up, and trying to get a head start on this year's events.

This is the first year the committee has actually met like this, and one thing it stressed was getting started early. It wants to do things two weeks earlier than last year, which should be easy if they can come to an agreement on the event's hours.

"My main thing is making sure everyone is safe that's visiting, and let them enjoy themselves in the time we present to them and move forward from there," said Timothy Taylor, Atlantic Beach Police Chief.

Today the committee proposed the idea of adding an extra hour to each Bikefest day. That means vendors and restaurants could stay open until 4 am. The committee says it could help safety by keeping visitors from going to other cities and towns early in the morning.

New Police chief Timothy Taylor, made it clear he doesn't agree. He actually wants to take away an hour and have everything close at two. "I mean there's a lot of things that can happen in that extra hour. Nothing good happens during that time," Taylor said.

Taylor also proposed one more thing in the meeting he believes could make sure all the towns' bases are covered. Last year, the department had nearly 200 officers in town for Bikefest. This year it is requesting 50 more from SLED. "The more law enforcement you have in the area, the better chance people are gonna [sic] do what they're supposed to do," said Taylor.

"Law enforcement wasn't a problem at all. I think we had plenty of law enforcement officers and SLED officers here in Atlantic Beach," replied Atlantic Beach Mayor Jake Evans. "I think they were a little short on the Myrtle Beach end, but we always had plenty here in Atlantic Beach," Evans added.

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