Heather Elvis' parents prepare for Moorers' hearing

Heather Elvis' parents prepare for Moorers' hearing
Terry and Debbi said they've given out hundreds of Heather Elvis and ‘No Bond’ pins to honor their daughter.
Terry and Debbi said they've given out hundreds of Heather Elvis and ‘No Bond’ pins to honor their daughter.

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - The couple accused of killing Heather Elvis is hours away from going before a judge, when their attorneys fight for bond.

Prosecutors will fight to keep Tammy and Sidney Moorer behind bars, until a trial, scheduled in May.

Arguments from both sides will be presented before a judge in a Charleston County courtroom -- arguments kept quiet since a gag order last March.

Meanwhile, Heather's parents have plenty to say about their hopes for tomorrow.

"It's safer in a lot of ways, safer physically, safer for us, safer for the community," said Debbi Elvis, Heather's mother. "And safer that in our minds we know, [the Moorers will] definitely be there at the trial."

While they're hoping a judge again denies bond for the couple accused of killing their daughter, Debbi and Terry Elvis say they know they need to remain strong.

"The frustration is more that the focus is on the bond reconsideration, it's -- I still don't know where my daughter is at," Terry Elvis explained.

Judge Steven John denied bond for both Tammy and Sidney Moorer last March.

After hearing evidence from prosecutors who said the Moorer's kidnapped and murdered Heather on or about December 18, 2013 at Peachtree Landing.

Judge John said he was "extremely concerned with the potential violence" that could arise if the Moorers were released.

The state also gave a timeline of phone calls between Heather and Sidney Moorer up until she left for and arrived at the landing.

And prosecutors shared details of a series of text messages they say Tammy sent to Heather, including a threatening text message they say Tammy sent her in November after learning about the affair involving her husband and Elvis.

Defense attorneys have had time to sort through that evidence and will likely present their response.

"There's no way to really prepare for it, you go in, you sit down, you see both sides, you're sitting there with them," said Terry.

"It's emotionally draining, it's extremely hard to sit that close," he admitted. "You never know, what's gonna be said, you never know how people are gonna react, I don't think you can fully prepare for it, other than try to hold onto your faith that, that you're gonna get through it."

"It's like being in limbo, you can't grieve," Debbi said. "Heather's not here, so you can grieve that...but you don't know why, you don't know where, you don't have any answers at all, as to what happened, where she is, there's no place to go," she added.

Their only hope beyond a bond denial, is answers.

"If using this hearing to get Heather's face out there again and to put her name out there in the public again, if that helps, in any way, then maybe something good can come of this hearing," Debbi said.

Terry and Debbi said they've given out hundreds of Heather Elvis and 'No Bond' pins to honor their daughter.

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