Uber thanks Gov. Haley for support

Uber thanks Gov. Haley for support

COLUMBIA, SC (WMBF) - Following the Public Service Commission of South Carolina's decision Thursday to allow Uber to continue its operations, the ride-sharing service thanked the governor for support.

Uber South Carolina tweeted, "Today, a step in the right direction was taken regarding the future of Uber in SC. Thank you, Governor."

Gov. Haley publicly supported the popular, yet controversial ride-sharing service when she called

"extremely disappointing" to ban Uber in South Carolina.

Uber posted the following statement to its blog:

Today, the PSC granted Uber a temporary license to operate as a Transportation Network Company in the state of South Carolina.

This is a giant step in the right direction and enables Uber to continue meeting the overwhelming demand for uberX throughout the Palmetto State in the short term, while we work with the State Legislature on a long term solution.

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