Coverage continues for Heather Elvis' murder suspects second hearing

CHARLESTON, SC (WMBF) - Tammy and Sidney Moorer have been jailed since February in one of the most high profile murder cases in Horry County history.

Friday, attorneys for the Moorers will ask a judge to reconsider bond, for their clients, charged in death of 20-year-old Heather Elvis.

A judge could rule the Moorers will stay in jail or be released on bond.

Judge Steven John denied bond for both Tammy and Sidney Moorer in March 2014.

After hearing evidence from prosecutors who said the Moorers kidnapped and murdered Heather on or about December 18, 2013, Judge John said he was "extremely concerned with the potential violence" that could arise if the Moorers were released.

However, the judge gave the option for a reconsideration, if new information surfaced.

A second bond request by Tammy's attorney Greg McCollum was also shot down last May.

This time around, Judge Markley Dennis, based here in Charleston, has been assigned to this hearing and the trial.

So what new information might he base his ruling on tomorrow?

Sidney Moorer's attorney, Kirk Truslow's motion for the hearing mentions evidence he says proves Sidney Moorer could not be held legally responsible for Heather's disappearance.

Truslow spoke to WMBF News about that evidence last week.

"In terms of any new information, because of the gag order, the reasons why I believe Sidney should absolutely be granted a bond now, I've set forth in a written memorandum, which is filed separately because of the gag order, so for those reasons, I'm not prepared to discuss anything in the memorandum," said Truslow.

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