Consider This: Off-shore drilling - Let your voice be heard

The question, "Is the risk worth the reward?...has really hit hard in South Carolina this week with the announcement of the Obama Administration's plan to open parts of the Atlantic coast to offshore drilling.

Oil companies praise the plan as well as Governor Nikki Haley and the governors of North Carolina and Virginia saying it create jobs and lots of money.

Pitted against them is environmental groups, of course, but also leaders and residents of coastal towns. It could do some major damage to our community if disaster strikes. And, we know…disaster does strike.

This proposal is not set in stone. It is not a done deal. It is going to involve dozens of public hearings.

Consider This: It is easy to argue with your neighbors, friends and family and make your case to them. But, that is not where you are effective. Get involved and make sure your opinion is voiced where it can make a difference.

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