Seminar Brewing putting Florence on craft beer map

Seminar Brewing putting Florence on craft beer map

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - Pepsi isn't the only company bottling beverages around Florence now. Seminar Brewing is joining the list by bottling their craft beer.

"This just helps raise us to another level of production, so we're getting closer to being at full capacity and opens up a different market for us," said David Peters, business manager and one of the owners of Seminar Brewing.

Seminar Brewing brought in a mobile bottling company, Bottle Works, from Columbia last week to bottle its most popular beer, Citrocity. It plans to continue to bottle once a month, a move that can help the brewery reach more customers.

"We don't have to make an investment, but yet we can tap into that market and this is a different market than the keg beer that's going to bars and restaurants," Peters said.

The bottler turned seven barrels of beer into 1200 bottles within a few hours.The bottles, called Bombers, are 22 oz. They're being sold in 12 bottle cases to distributors to stock grocery and liquor stores.

"It's all sold out," Peters said. "They're going to pick up the last beer tomorrow, so it's going to be gone, so they're waiting for the next batch to come out."

There are still some individual bottles available to customers at the brewery's tasting room.

Peters said the craft beer industry grew more than 15% in the past year.

"It's still the fastest growing thing going on," he said. "There's now something like 20 different breweries already in South Carolina and that's just in the last four or five years."

The brewery has three more labels approved by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. They'll bottle a different beer each month.

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