Horry County issues new rule for pawn shops

Horry County issues new rule for pawn shops

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - All pawn shops in Horry County will submit transaction records electronically. The new rule passed Monday.

If an item is stolen, police have a better chance of getting it back before its sold.

Many reputable pawn stores in the county already use the electronic database, but smaller ones still use handwritten slips.

The handwritten slips create extra work for police officers and often tack on time when police are trying to track down stolen goods.

Often times, the item is sold before police can process the slips.

The electronic database will speed things up.

"They'll have all the information right there on computer and that is where the whole society is going to, the computer. It's much easier to run through screens that it is to run through stacks and stacks of paperwork and forms," said pawn shop general manager Richard Cardiff.

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