Surfside Beach hosting its own Taste of the Town event

Surfside Beach hosting its own Taste of the Town event

SURFSIDE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Surfside Beach is planning its first Taste of the Town but with a twist.

"I think a lot of people, when they move to Surfside Beach don't realize all the different businesses that we do have in town," said Sammy Truett, chairman of the Surfside Business Committee.

Instead of bringing local restaurants to one place for a night, the Surfside Business Committee is planning to have the event over a span of five days and include all types of local businesses.

People will be able to go to the Surfside Beach Town Hall to buy wristbands for $10 starting in a few weeks. They will then use those wristbands to get deals at participating businesses.

"You can go get your oil changed and get $5 off or go get a haircut for $3 off or you might go to a restaurant and get a free appetizer with the order of an entree," Truett said.

Area businesses said they're excited to have an opportunity to get their name out to people who don't know they exist.

"We have a lot of people that live down here year-round and they've just been in here for the first time recently," said Sherry White, a bartender at Sundown Restaurant.

It's about getting customers through the door just one time to turn them into regulars.

"You get more of a friendlier vibe and more of a relationship standpoint when you walk into a local business rather than a chain," said Jacob Simmons, owner of Eternal Wave Surf Shop.

The Surfside Business Committee is spearheading the event, which is scheduled to start March 23. The week will wrap up on March 28 with a dinner celebration at Neal and Pam's on Ocean Boulevard. Those proceeds along with the earnings from the wristbands will go to the American Red Cross.

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