Haley unveils website for SC plan

Haley unveils website for SC plan

SC (WMBF) - Gov. Haley unveiled a website Tuesday explaining a recent proposal, which she claims would be the "largest tax cut in the history of [South Carolina.]"

The governor said the proposal, named The Haley Plan, works in three parts:

1) The Haley Plan cuts taxes every single year it is implemented.

2) In year ten, the Haley Plan will cut taxes by $1.4 billion annually.

3) When all is said and done, by the tenth year, the Haley Plan will have cut taxes by more than $5.5 billion.

According to the website, Gov. Haley said South Carolina government has grown significantly over the last few years. The website states "Since 2009, the size of our general fund has grown by almost $1.3 billion, or a little more than $256 million each year." Gov. Haley said "going back further, over ten years, which includes the Great Recession, the budget has grown by an average of $103 million."

One South Carolina man we spoke to said it important that we provide the funds to support tourism. "South Carolina is known for its tourism and I think in order to better promote it we definitely need additional funds available, in order to accommodate that," he said.

The Haley Plan website has six endorsers, including the Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce.

In addition, Sen. Jim DeMint, the Heritage Foundation, Americans for Tax Reform, SC Club for Growth and the National Federation of Independent Business of South Carolina endorsed the plan.

Mike Wooten, Vice Chairman of the South Carolina Transportation Commission and Commissioner from the 7th Congressional District, said he applauds Haley for realizing the department needs help. Wooten said, " I believe the plan needs a lot of work, hopefully the legislature will come together to come up with a plan that can provide sufficient funding to get South Carolina's road to a condition that is acceptable for the citizens of the state."

"For those us that utilize the roads on a regular basis and having the lowest gas prices in surrounding area, it makes sense to me, as far as in raising those taxes in order to make sure we have better infrastructure and roads moving in to the future," said one concerned resident.

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