Community mourns, remembers man 'larger than life'

Community mourns, remembers man 'larger than life'

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Some members of the Myrtle Beach community have begun celebrating memories of a man described as "larger than life."

Dave Adams, known by friends as "Shaggy Dave", 32, died Sunday night. No cause of death has been determined at this time, per the Horry County Coroner's Office.

Since Adams' passing, an outpour of memories, pictures and support have inundated a newly-created Facebook page for the Grand Strand bartender.

"Shaggy Dave was loved by thousands," said Jeremy Halpin, best friend and general manager of Remedies Bar and Grill. Adams worked at Remedies nearly seven years.

"[Shaggy] never had a Facebook [page]...he was a good ole Duck Dynasty, beard-wearing, fun guy," Halpin added.

"[Shaggy] was the guy who wore the Santa Claus outfit on Christmas Eve and bartended in [the suit.]"

Halpin said he created the Shaggy Dave Facebook page hours after Adams passed. In just two days, hundreds of memories, pictures and condolences have been shared.

My wife and I just met him a few weeks back. It had been our first time at Remedies since moving here. We sat at the bar and he came (sic) over took our drink order, then once he wasn't so busy he came over and introduced himself and asked our names, where we live here, how long we've been here, and where we moved here from. 

We talked throughout the night when he wasn't mad busy and by the end of the night we felt not only like we had been a regular for years but had a great friend that worked there. 

I know it stated he never had a Facebook page but I have to say he's the person you meet and want to go add (sic) him on your friends list cause he was such a nice guy.

I had Remedies on my FB and when I woke up yesterday the first thing on my news was Remedies with a pic (sic) of him. I was figuring it was his birthday, I could not believe what I read next.

Thoughts (sic) and prayers go out to his family and friends. We only met once but he made a huge impact on us with the kind of person he was.

"Shaggy Dave I only knew you a year and a half, but you definitely made an impression on this girl in that short time! You have a heart of gold, and always made me smile! You will truly be missed!" read one post.

Kel writes, "Its kel ,,and I am in total shock..Shaggy you will and are so missed by many ..the world has lost a great man..i am going to miss being able to walk across the street just to get cheered up by your smiling face.."

"So many memories and so many good times. I'm so blessed that I got to be a part of your life but even more blessed that you were a part of mine," was shared on the memorial page.

Memorial plans for Shaggy Dave have been discussed and will be posted on the Shaggy Dave Facebook page.

Redaction: An earlier copy stated Adams died from natural causes. According to the Horry County Coroner's Office, the cause of death has not been determined.

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