Boston Terrier nurses orphan kittens

Boston Terrier nurses orphan kittens
Memory and her kittens. (Source: Shannon Williams)
Memory and her kittens. (Source: Shannon Williams)
Memory becomes a mom. (Source: Shannon Williams)
Memory becomes a mom. (Source: Shannon Williams)

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WMBF) - A Lowcountry woman got quite the surprise when her Boston Terrier began nursing orphan kittens.

Shannon Williams said her daughter found the litter of kittens in the woods behind their home in Mount Pleasant. After bringing the litter inside, Memory, her 5-year-old Boston Terrier, began nurturing and cuddling with the days-old kittens.

"We laid the kittens on a dog bed, and [Memory] cuddled with them," Williams recalled.

Meanwhile, Williams went to the pet supply store for milk replacement. She said she didn't need the supplement long, "One week later, [Memory's] milk came in."

Memory had never been pregnant or had pups before, yet she nursed the four felines for nearly two months, Williams said.

"She's nursing them, cleaning them, carrying them around, everything," Williams posted to Facebook regarding Memory's maternal instinct.

Watch Memory with her kittens, here.

Williams said Memory was protective and territorial instantly. Motherhood quickly had an effect on the Boston Terrier.

Before the kittens arrived, "[Memory] was afraid of cats; we had a cat and she ran from it," Williams recalled. "Even the former owners said Memory was deathly afraid of cats."

She said Memory normally slept in the same room as her and her husband, since the kittens arrived, "[Memory] has stayed with [the kittens.]"

Since Memory became a "mother," nearly two months ago, three of the kittens have new homes.

Williams said Memory showed signs of depression at first, so she plans to keep the last kitten.

The other three [kittens] have been placed within the neighborhood, Williams said.

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