CCU students find solutions for local businesses

CCU students find solutions for local businesses

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - A new program is taking off at CCU that won't just benefit students, but local businesses, too.

The Community and Business Engagement Institute, or CoBe is a new program to get students off campus and connecting with local businesses, for a mutual benefit.

"Basically, be able to go to businesses and say, hey listen, if you've got a problem, let us try and solve it for you,” said founding director Peter Gasca. “Our motto is, we're gonna figure it out."

The benefit behind that motto, is three-fold. 

For one, students get exposure to different businesses and no experience will be the same. Then, by giving this unique opportunity to those involved, CCU can have a leg up, retaining those aggressive students. Third, the benefit for businesses, getting extra help and breeding what could become future employees.

"I think this type of project is going to bring a lot of exposure and much needed visibility to the area,” said Gasca. "We have to attract new businesses, in order to create and improve the quality of life here and I think this is the type of project that is going to do that."

Even though the program is already underway the offer is still yours for the taking. If your business needs help solving a problem, the students in the CoBe institute have will work to come up with a solution.

“I know they're gonna get a dedicated hard-working group of students that's gonna help them,” said CoBe member Trey Sibert.

“Were eager to learn, eager to get experience,” said student Jessie Dumas.

It is the sole focus of these students to find a solution to the problem, a business may be facing.

"We don't want to limit ourselves to what we take on,” said Gasca. “We like the challenge and I know these students are aggressive, they're not afraid of taking challenges so if there's a business out there we encourage them to contact us to at least see if its something we can help them with."

If this sounds like something you'd want to take part in, you can contact Peter Gasca at

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