Do Restaurant Row eateries live up to their name?

Do Restaurant Row eateries live up to their name?

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - It's finally Friday, which means that long work week is over and you may be headed to happy hour or for a bite to eat. It's also that time we let you know if our local restaurants are following the rules.

It's a week of all "A" scores. The lowest score the Department of Health handed out was an 88 which means the inspector did find some imperfections.

First stop, restaurant row, a bold title for places to live up to. WMBF News checked into Chuck's Steak House to see if it fits.

"When you're here it feels like you're at home and not at any other chain restaurant," said General Manager Dennis Lamberjack.

Not to mention, it's clean. The 36-year-old steak house scored a 98 from DHEC. The general manager credits a dedicated staff and customers coming back for more.

"We're known for our thick steaks, our big beers and great idea," said Lamberjack.

Next stop, Jimmyz Hibachi House, a Hibachi takeout restaurant.

DHEC inspectors stopped by two of three locations. They first went to the drive-through restaurant on North Kings Highway in Myrtle Beach. This location scored an 88, which is an A. Of around 10 issues noted by DHEC, including the dish washing machine not sanitizing properly and thawing fish in the packaging, four were corrected during inspection.

DHEC also stopped by the Surfside location and noted the inside of the ice machine has mildew buildup near where the ice comes out. This location scored a 92.

"We take every measure to correct every issue we have and make sure that we stay on top of things." said Greg Graham, General Manager of Jimmyz. "Food safety is of course very important to us and its important to our customers. All the regulations that are new are kind of hard to stay on top of so its a constant learning process."

It's a bit easier when you have a newer location, like the one near the Coastal Grande Mall. This restaurant also sports an "A."

"There's quite a bit of difference, with a newer restaurant of course all the building materials are much easier to maintain. Our older restaurants require a lot more care," said Graham.

View each of this week's restaurant reports in PDF format below:

Ruth's Chris Steakhouse:

River Street Sweets:

Midtown Bistro:

Jimmyz Myrtle Beach:

Jimmyz Surfside Beach:

Chuck's Steakhouse

Carolina Wings of Conway:

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